Mesh Banner Printing Las Vegas

What are Mesh Banners?

Sometimes called fence banners or fence screens, mesh banners allow wind and sound to pass through. This material is ideal for windy outdoor conditions. Mesh banners are used for outdoor advertising, construction sites, fence wraps, and festivals. Our mesh material of choice is 10 ounce, 70/30 mesh. 70% of the material is visible print area, 30% of the material is missing (very small holes). 10 ounce means that one square yard of the material weighs 10 ounces. We love this material because it is lightweight and breathable. Edge sewing and grommets are a standard feature, included with every mesh banner we print.

mesh banner

What Are Mesh Banners Used For?

Since mesh banner has holes that allow wind and rain to penetrate it, these banners are very effective for displays outside. Here are some common uses for mesh banners:

  • Mesh fence covers
  • Mesh promotional displays
  • Mesh stage backdrops
  • Mesh building wraps 


These banners are popular because of how long they last and how durable they are. Our printers use only the highest quality materials and inks to ensure all of our prints last as long as possible. This makes us one of the best printings in Nevada in 2019!

Our Printing Process

When it comes to printing fence wraps and building wraps, we understand the demands of commercial sized print jobs. We print mesh banner up to 10 feet wide on a single panel. We also sew panels together to make a truly massive mesh banner. Don’t forget to inquire about site surveys and installation. We can measure your site ensuring the correct measurements. Whether large or small, we are ready to be your mesh printing service provider moving forward.

Mesh Banner

Finishing Options for Mesh Banners

We always include hemming and grommets with every order. Alternative finishing options are available to meet your specific requirements. Every mesh banner order comes with hem (sewing) and grommet (metal rings) already included in the price. Other mesh banner options include:

  •  Extra sewing on the corners for added durability
  • Extra material sewn into the edges for added strength
  • Metal rings which are stronger than standard grommets
  • Rope sewn into the edges so you can tie your banner up anywhere

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