Vinyl Banner Printing

Las Vegas Signs and Printing specializes in designing impactful vinyl banners for your brand. With infinite applications, banners are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Even in the heat of Las Vegas, our vinyl banners will remain colorful for years! 

Material Options for Vinyl Banners

  • Vinyl Banner, 13oz vinyl. This is our go-to material for all general use banners. Each square yard of this material weighs 13 ounces. Great for indoor or outdoor use, this multi-use material is great for almost every occasion.
  • Blockout Banner, 18oz vinyl. When you need more durable weight to your material for extra harsh conditions, or to “block out” your windows. Blockout banner is 100% opaque.
  • Mesh Banner, 10oz vinyl. – Great for windy outdoor uses, particularly on fences. Read more about Mesh banner here.
  • Polyester Fabric Banner, 9oz. When extra elegance is required, we print fabric banners. Made of fabric instead of vinyl, this material is ironable, washable, and is soft to the touch.

Large Format Vinyl Banners

Las Vegas Signs and Printing can print up to 16 ft wide without the need to seam material together. We print custom banners from billboard size down to the small standard sizes. We have the ability to weld the material together whenever required. For fabric printing, our max height is 10ft. Each roll of banner material is 150 ft long. We can print single panels up to 145 feet long! Billboards, building wraps, construction fence wraps, and grand opening banners are all within our size range.

Types of Ink to Choose From

At Las Vegas Signs and Printing, we primarily print with three types of ink. All of our inks print vibrantly and will last for years. We typically choose the ink for you depending on how you intend to use your banner.

  • Eco-Solvent Ink is used for outdoor/indoor purposes and is rated to last up to 24 months depending on UV exposure.
  • UV Ink is a more durable ink option when it comes to outdoor use. The UV ink is cured with UV light during the printing process and is rated to last up to 36 months outdoors.
  • Dye-Sublimation Ink is what we use for our fabric printing. This ink absorbs into the fabric and will last year after year indoors. This ink is also washable and ironable.

Finishing Options for our Banners

There are many options to finish your vinyl banner. We understand that there is not a “one size fits all” solution for every banner order. Depending on your specific needs, we offer the following finishing options:

  • Hem and Grommet – This is included with every order at no additional cost. We sew the edges and install grommets every 24” along the edges.
  • Pole Pocket – Pole pocket finishing used for hanging your banner using a pole or a pipe. We can add a pole pocket to any edge(s) at your request.
  • Double-Sided – We sew two copies of your banner together to create a double sided banner. Double sided banners cost exactly twice as much.
  • Rope Sewn In – We can sew rope into the edges of your banner for simple hanging onto trees, pillars, and other odd locations.
  • Reinforced Edges and Corners – We double sew the edges and corners to ensure an extra strong finish.
  • Webbing – We sew in additional material into the edges of the banner to make the strongest edge possible.
  • Wind Slits – Wind slits are the ½ circle cuts that are made into the face of the print to allow wind to pass through. (mesh banners are better for this)

Why Choose Las Vegas Banner Printing?

We always print your banner order the next business day (weekends and holidays excluded). If you order by 11 AM, you have the option for next day service. We send out our orders on the same day that they are printed.
Our 3-day turnaround: Order on Monday, your banner prints and ships on Tuesday, and arrives (two days) on Thursday. FedEx ground delivery is included free with every non-rushed order. Our 48-hour Turnaround: Order on Monday, your banner would print and ship on Tuesday. The banner ships on printing day and arrives the next day, Wednesday. Saturday delivery is available with this option as well. Next Day Turnaround: Order your banner by 11:00 AM each business day, and we will inject your banner into the same day printing queue. Your banner will be printed and shipped the same day you order it, and arrive the next day.