Vinyl Banner Printing Tips – Top 7

vinyl banner printing tips

When it comes to designing and printing banners to portray a business’s message, there are several factors to take into consideration. Even if you hire an experienced designer, there are a few aspects of banner designing that you must remember before printing, as all these are crucial for the success of your banner and the […]

What is UV Ink: A Complete Guide

what is uv ink printing

What is UV Ink made of ? UV ink is a type of ink where ultra-violet lights dry or cure the ink. It was introduced in the early 1970s. However, it gained popularity only in early 2000s. According to industry experts, UV inks dramatically improve the efficiency, cost of production, and quality of the output. […]

Vinyl Vs Mesh banner: A Detailed Study for You!

vinyl vs mesh banner

Banners are among the most preferred ways of advertisement with colorful graphics and catchy, easy to read writings. However, when making these banners, business owners and service providers are faced with the task of choosing between vinyl and mesh as material for them. There are several factors that should determine your choice of material and […]

What is Step and Repeat Banner?

what is step and repeat banner

Step and repeat banners are among the most popular ways to increase brand awareness of companies of all sizes, and business verticals. They can be seen being used extensively in red carpet events, fashion shows, trade shows, conventions, gala openings, on demo days and during product and service launches. Their success as far as branding […]

6 Significant Importance of Print Advertising

importance of print advertising

If you’re looking for an effective strategy that’d help you establish a seamless communication line with your customers, then printed forms are still the best options! According to industry analysts, customers tend to have a natural affinity for magazines, banners, leaflets, and other advertising pieces that they can save and read at their leisure. They […]

Standard Vinyl Banner Sizes Top 5 Questions

standard vinyl banner sizes

Independent market research firms and industry analysts say that vinyl banners will remain a powerful marketing device across all industries. They further add that since vinyl banners can be easily draped on walls, or suspended over the tops of storefronts, they garner maximum customer attention. However, selecting the correct size of the vinyl banner often […]

Different Types of Banners: Best Branding Solutions for Businesses

different types of banners

Are you planning to start a business and looking for an effective advertising campaign to promote it? If that’s the case, then your best bet is banners, the commonest and most cost-effective promotional tool. Besides that, you can put it up anywhere and anytime. But again, there are different types of banners available so choosing […]