Custom Signs, Las Vegas

Custom signs are innovative and affordable means of advertising. They make your promotions easy and effective without breaking your budget. We have several varieties of custom signs that are great for temporary or long term use. Our most popular custom signs are:

  • PVC Signs
  • Coroplast signs  
  • Foam Board Signs
  • DiBond / Max Metal Signs

With over 10 years of experience printing with customers in Las Vegas, we know exactly how important these signs are to promoting your business on the street and in your storefront to bring customers inside. If you are looking for custom sign printing, give us a call.

Lexan Signs

This material is incredibly popular for its high resistance to temperature and near indestructability. It’s able to withstand extreme heat means it can be inside of a lightbox or outside on the street. Typically Lexan signs are made as a much more durable alternative to acrylic plastic (plexiglass). This is one of the best materials to use for Las Vegas custom signs.

Coroplast Signs

Coroplast Signs are commonly used for yard sale signs along the street or on a median. We have also worked with political candidates to create coroplast political signs that can be distributed to supports to place in their yards. When it comes to partnerships like this, we can provide discounts to individuals who want to order bulk amounts, while also being able to distribute across an entire state or several states.

Foam Board Signs

Foam board is used for tons of interior applications. We normally print foam boards for presentations, directional signage and contour cut signs as well. This material is widely universal and comes in different thicknesses. As an alternative to foam board, we also make Gator Board signs in the same fashion. With contour cutting available, we can create Las Vegas custom signs out of foam board.

Chloroplast Signs

DiBond / Max Metal Signs

DiBond has several names such as Max Metal, E-Panel, M-Panel and Aluminum Sandwich board. “Aluminum Sandwich Board” is a clever name because it perfectly describes this material. It’s a thin sheet of PVC plastic in the middle between two thin sheets of Aluminum. This material is highly versatile because it give the rigidity of a metal sign, but is light weight like a plastic sign. Commonly used outdoors, this material is a superior light-weight sign board which will last outdoors for a very long time as well as it’s ability to be contour cut, shaped and can be printed on directly.

Window Perforated

Why Choose Us for Las Vegas Custom Signs?

At Las Vegas Signs & Printing, we provide a wide range of signs and banners Las Vegas to promote your business, offerings, and events. We use special printing technologies and high quality backlit materials to illuminate simple letters as well as full-color graphics in light boxes. Lightboxes can also be used indoor as well as outdoor. Indoor light boxes are generally used for movie theatres, retail POP displays, menu boards, and window displays. We carry a vast range of light boxes such as slim Light Boxes, Snap Light Boxes, LED Light Boxes, Fluorescent Light Boxes, Photo Light Boxes and more. Get a quote today to illuminate your brand in the most aesthetic way.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs.

We offer a vast array of custom sign printing options to suit your needs, from eye-catching exterior signage to elegant interior displays. We can help you with exterior signs, interior signs, event signs, retail signs, menu boards, and more.

Absolutely! Our team of experienced graphic designers can work with you to create the perfect tailored sign that reflects your brand, message, and target audience. We’ll guide you through the design process, ensuring your sign is both visually appealing and effective.

We offer a variety of materials to ensure your sign is durable and weatherproof, depending on your needs. Our materials include Coroplast, a lightweight and budget-friendly option, Lexan Signs for a nearly indestructible long lasting outdoor sign, Foam board signs which are elegant, lightweight and meant for interior use as well as Max Metal Sign – a light weight alternative to Metal.

The cost of your custom sign depends on several factors, including size, material, design complexity, and installation requirements. We offer competitive prices and work with you to find a solution that fits your budget.

Turnaround times can vary depending on the complexity of your project. However, we offer fast printing options and can often get your sign ready within a few days. Contact us to get an exclusive estimate.