Lexan Signs

Lexan Polycarbonate is a form of plastics made up of synthetic material and has high strength and durability. It can be easily lit up in dark hours to capture the attention of viewers all the time.

What are Lexan Signs?

Lexan is adorned with numerous features which makes it perfect for business display signs. Lexan is ultra-durable shatter resistant material available in many different sizes, shapes, designs, colors, and patterns. It is also environmentally friendly flame retardant, scratch resistant, heat resistant and can be easily customized to meet every customer’s request. All these characteristics make Lexan as one of the best materials for promotional signs.

Choose Las Vegas Banner Printing for Lexan Signs

At Las Vegas Signs & Printing, we excel in producing and fabricating Lexan signs in an array of shapes, styles, and sizes. We have created a wide range of Lexan signs for warning and safety messages, consumer instructions and business promotions. We have state of the art machinery and innovative technological methods to meet your printing needs. Call us today to get a competitive quote for Lexan signs and signage printing.