Different Types of Banners: Best Branding Solutions for Businesses

Are you planning to start a business and looking for an effective advertising campaign to promote it? If that’s the case, then your best bet is banners, the commonest and most cost-effective promotional tool. Besides that, you can put it up anywhere and anytime.

But again, there are different types of banners available so choosing the right one to promote your business could be a tricky task. In this blog, we’ll talk about different types of banners used in promoting businesses!!


Different Types of Banners Style


Vinyl Banners:


These are usually large colored billboards printed by inkjet printers for outdoor installation. Vinyl banners are ideal for promoting medium and small-scale businesses. The good news is that you can get the vinyl banners to be custom-designed for the best promotion of your event or business. Talk to a professional company providing banner printing Las Vegas and see how best you can make your business reach countless people.


Fabric Banners:


Manufactured from high-quality nylon blend or polyester, fabric banners are ideal to promote your business indoors. The soft and textured material looks stunning when displayed and can last up to 3-5 years.  You can select the kind of fabric you want to use according to your purpose and budget.  There’re the options of fabric soft and satin fabric. While the former is soft, the latter is known for its glossy finish.


Pop-up Banners:


Pop-up banners are eye-catching backwall-type displays that are versatile and available in custom-printed graphics. If you’re looking to grab the attention of people quickly and make a big impact at events with your display, then pop-up banners are second to none. You can use it one-time or even for multiple events with your promotional message. Pop-up banners can be ideally displayed at exhibition halls, trade shows, corporate events and offices, and folded and kept away when not in use.


Mesh Banners:


Mesh banners are signs with small holes created with UV to let the wind, sound, and light to pass through.

If you are looking to stand out from other competitors in this cut-throat scenario, then you need to think differently. Mesh banners are ideal for large-scale outdoor promotions because they can endure adverse weather conditions. Irrespective of rain or strong winds, you can easily reach your customers with your promotional message conveyed through it.

Although expensive, mesh banners are lightweight and long-lasting, and you can easily rely on them for their tear-resistance properties. Also, they can be printed in full color and can be customized by adding multiple background colors, photographs, clip arts, and texts.  Consult a professional banner printing Las Vegas company for high-quality mesh banners options suited for your business.


Bow Banners:


If you’re looking to entice potential customers visiting retail stores, restaurants, cafés or outdoor events, bow banners can be your best bet! The custom-designed graphics come with a feather flag. They’re supported by fiberglass poles that provide stability in adverse weather conditions. With this kind of banners, you can get exposure for your business at market stalls, sporting events, and sales events.


Hanging Banners:


Hanging banners are popular branding solutions for entrepreneurs and sellers wanting to make the fullest use of advertising space in a crowded area. They are perfect to be displayed from the ceilings for drawing maximum attention of the crowd below and conveying your message. The best thing about hanging banners is that anyone can spot them from a far off distance.


Retractable Banners:


One of the popular marketing and branding solutions for retailers is retractable banners. With this effective marketing campaign, you can promote a product, service, and organization at conferences, tradeshows, private meetings, and conventions.


Step and Repeat Banners:


These are backdrop banners that showcase the names and logos of the advertisers. They are ideal to be displayed at event photography, product launches, and publicity events. 

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