Standard Vinyl Banner Sizes Top 5 Questions

Independent market research firms and industry analysts say that vinyl banners will remain a powerful marketing device across all industries. They further add that since vinyl banners can be easily draped on walls, or suspended over the tops of storefronts, they garner maximum customer attention.

However, selecting the correct size of the vinyl banner often turn out to be bit of a problem for a lot of businesses. The size of the vinyl banners should depend largely on the purpose and the marketing goals of your business.  In this blog, we’ve tried answering the most frequently asked questions to help you choose the right banner size.


Standard Vinyl Banner Sizes


What is the Size of Outdoor Vinyl Banners?


The size of outdoor banners depends on three factors and they are content, design, and the location of the placement of banner.

The smallest banner size that you can choose is 2ft x 3ft (it more or less looks like a medium-sized rectangle).

If you want your banner to hang on top of a building, you’ll have to adjust its size. Standard horizontal outdoor vinyl banners usually measure 3ft x 10ft while horizontal banners measure 6ft x 2ft. As a dedicated vinyl banner printing company in Las Vegas, we believe it should be between 4ft x 6ft and 4ft x 10ft. The size makes the banner more visible among people milling around on busy streets.


Do Indoor Vinyl Banners Have the Same Size as Outdoor?


You can easily follow the standard sizing for outdoor vinyl banners, even if you’re looking for an indoor banner.

However, you must always consider the size and the space available in the building. For example, if there’s deficient of space indoors, you need to customize the size of the banner. Else, get in touch with a trusted company providing vinyl printing services in Las Vegas. A team of dedicated-professionals will always help you make the best decision.


What is the Proper Size to Follow in Making Exhibition Banners?


Any reputable company providing vinyl printing services in Las Vegas will let you choose a banner as per the requirement of exhibitions and tradeshows. Typically, the size of the exhibition banners is 33″ x 80″.


What is the Standard Size of Vinyl Banner for Malls?


Vinyl banners that’re hanged in malls are usually vertical as they are the best option to enhance visual impact. This is because reading vertical banners are comparatively easy for people standing below when compared to horizontal ones. If you’re planning to launch an offer or announce a sale vertical vinyl banners can work wonders. However, make sure that the banner is large enough to be clearly to shoppers. We believe 4ft x 6ft or 2ft x 6ft sized banners would best suit the purposes.


What is the Standard Banner Size to Follow for Concerts?


Undeniably, large-sized banners are the best option for concerts and large-sized banners. The average size of a stage backdrop is about 6ft x 6ft. Events that take place at outdoor venues or large clubs may require 8ft x 10ft, 10ft x 12ft or 15ft x 12ft stage backdrops. Major concerts or big shows require 15ft x 20ft or 20ft x 25 backdrops.

So, here were the answers to the most frequently asked questions about vinyl banner sizes. If you’re still looking for more details, get in touch with us today. We’re a top vinyl banner printing company in Las Vegas with decades of experience and expertise in the field of banner printing.