Vinyl Vs Mesh banner: A Detailed Study for You!

Banners are among the most preferred ways of advertisement with colorful graphics and catchy, easy to read writings. However, when making these banners, business owners and service providers are faced with the task of choosing between vinyl and mesh as material for them. There are several factors that should determine your choice of material and this blog will give you a detailed insight on vinyl v/s mesh banners, weighing the pros and cons of each.

Vinyl v/s mesh banners study

Making the right impact on viewers is the first criteria of any banner and choosing the right material will determine just that. There are also factors like length of display, the location, and the occasion that all have to be taken into consideration.

Coming to the most important consideration, that is, cost, the durability of the material will have a big say when making a choice of it over the other.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl is a low-cost banner option for attractive digital prints and is also a highly durable material that is just right for all outdoor advertisement purposes. They can be spread out with single side or doubled-sided exposure not just outdoors but also indoors. The matte variant will help keep light glares off the surface allowing attractive visual effect. Vinyl is a retractable material, can be rolled up, custom printed and used for display during tradeshows, as billboards and X signs.

Benefits & pros of Vinyl Banners

  • Vinyl is the most common material used for banners across the globe and it’s not without reasons.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • They can project high-quality ink finish giving stunning displays.
  • Perfect for all short-time advertisement projects and display purposes.
  • Vinyl is printable on both sides to give double-sided effect.
  • Can be printed in less time.
  • Available in gloss and matte finish as per needs.

Disadvantages and cons of Vinyl Banners

  • Vinyl is not good for places with high wind speed.
  • Vinyl tends to tear or get damaged easily.
  • It tends to wrinkle fast over time when taken down and put up again.

Mesh Banners

As the name goes, these banners are made out of material that have small holes to let wind pass through them. They have the upper edge in the vinyl v/s mesh banners comparison as they are perfect for outdoor use in any place – at the ground level or even at heights. They are durable and resistant to wear and tear and stand up to the test of time much better. The mesh holes help in reducing the banner weight that is an additional advantage of putting them up in sensitive places. These banners are printed using abrasion resistant, UV ink to give the right visual impact.

Benefits and pros of Mesh Banners

  • Stands up to high wind speed better than vinyl banners.
  • More durable and does not get damaged or tear easily.
  • Mesh Banners are good as long-term advertisement investments.
  • They have longer lifespan compared to vinyl banners.

Disadvantages and cons of Mess Banners

Mesh Banners are expensive and will definitely cost more than Vinyl Banners of the same size unless you’re using double-sided Vinyl.

Mesh Banners are printable only on single side and do not offer the advantage of double-side display.

Colors and graphics may not stand out as sharply as in vinyl banners due to the mesh effect.

Final verdict on vinyl v/s mesh banners debate

The vinyl v/s mesh banners debate closes with Vinyl Banners having an edge over Mesh Banners. They are inexpensive and ready to make advertisement material that can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. They are good for all practical and limited period advertisement and display purposes. If you’re thinking of reusing them, they may not look as good as new when displayed again. But they are a cheap and effective advertisement option.

Mesh Banners are preferred for outdoor locations where you wish to keep up the advertisement for a longer period without any maintenance. The cost pays off in the long run.