What is Step and Repeat Banner?

Step and repeat banners are among the most popular ways to increase brand awareness of companies of all sizes, and business verticals. They can be seen being used extensively in red carpet events, fashion shows, trade shows, conventions, gala openings, on demo days and during product and service launches. Their success as far as branding goes has made them popular even during celebrity weddings and birthdays!

What is a step and repeat banner?

The step and repeat banner is a large backdrop on a stage, platform or any other prominent place in a selected venue with the brand name and logo printed in a repeating pattern. There is a ripple effect as far as visual impressions go with the brand name and/or logo appearing repeatedly.

The idea is to project the brand name in photographs clicked with individuals, especially celebrities standing in front of it. With celebrities standing in front of these banners and their photos splashed on magazines and other virtual media, the brand name gets carried effortlessly into homes and office alike!

There is also the advantage of giving anyone standing in front of it a celebrity-like feel. It offers the opportunity to anyone to stand on the red carpet and showcase a specialty or showcase anything against the backdrop of the brand name.  Step and repeat banners are therefore not limited to celebrities alone.

Why use a step and repeat banner?

Step and repeat banners have a chic look about them with plenty of white spaces in between the repeated mention of the brand name and logo. A photograph clicked with the backdrop of a step and repeat banner has a swanky look about it.

But of course, the biggest advantage of using a step and repeat banner is that of stupendous mileage that the brand gains. It is among the most cost-effective ways of taking a brand name to target customers by way of clicking photographs with it as the background.

It is a great way of making a company’s presence strongly felt even in the midst of the toughest competition without having to splurge on several modes of advertisement.


Step and repeat banners are economical too

These banners can be customized easily according to the venue size. Of course, for the best effect, you’ll need the minimal size of 8’x8’ for the right spread of the brand in the repeated pattern. For this size, you can expect a cost ranging between $100 to $500. The big spread is due to the factors like difference in print quality and material used for the step and repeat banner.

However, with customization available with all print houses, there is also a popular alternative of 4’x8’ panel that fits in well in constrained spaces.

It’s always advisable to opt for the standard size as it gives the advantage of multiple people and even groups being photographed against the backdrop of the brand name. Also, it offers a striking visual at any venue bringing in that chic “wow” factor.

Even for a mid-sized company, using a good quality step and repeat banner with prominent prints that would stand out well in all photographs is a moderate investment for the extensive branding it will receive.

Which material is best for step and repeat banner?

Most popularly used material for step and repeat banners are vinyl and fabric. In fact, you’re likely to find vinyl almost unanimously being used for the purpose as it is among the most inexpensive material. Using a matte finish vinyl will help you mitigate the problem of any glare coming off its surface due to strong light from the camera flash.

Fabric is more expensive compared to vinyl though it has the advantage of not giving outglares or not creasing when stored for repeated use.

Getting the brand name printed in the right pattern goes a long way in bringing in the right effect of any step and repeat banner. If you’re not sure about how to go about it, contact Banner Printing Las Vegas for assistance for the best suggestions on the step and repeat banner for your next event!